Beware: a major power failure has compromised the security systems at a high security Zombie incarceration facility. Zombies of all genders are out for blood…will it be yours?

Centuries of evil have overrun the Castle and taken control. Tortured souls in the dungeons. Spirits in the walls. Voices in the corridors. Do you have the nerve to visit? Will you survive as you wind your way through the haunted halls.

Dive through the rabbit hole and enter your worst nightmare in 3D. Killer Kings will chase you through this house of cards, watch out for the black jacks and Queen of hearts on your way. The Royal Flush is every poker players dream, but this time its your greatest fear. Throw on your 3D glasses and prepare to enter the world of horrifying cards.

Pass into the coal black vortex where no light can enter. The labyrinth twists you as you grope your way in TOTAL DARKNESS!!! Hungry, rampant creatures live in the darkness. Beware! If captured, you may never escape the Black Hole!

Why will no one spend the night in this house? Why have many tried and failed? What is in there? Are you brave enough to take the terrifying trip through Toronto’s most shocking haunted house? If you try, don’t trust your eyes, your nose or the hair on the back of your neck. Please do not step on any of the corpses you encounter. Be prepared to screeeeeeeeeeeeam!


In the dark you feel for the wall to find your way out of the maze. Is the wall bleeding? Did you feel it move? The dark is ominous and foreboding. Something screams! Something might bite! Beware of the creatures that inhabit the maze!

This wax museum displays the greatest Slasher movie characters ever….however something has gone wrong and the slashers have come to life to terrorize the museum. Walk through Camp Crystal Lake, tip toe through Freddy’s furnace room, run past Leatherface’s chopping room. If you were scared watching the movies, then this haunt will destroy you as you come face to face with the characters that haunt your dreams.

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